hello friend, thank you for your interest. my name is ryan, and i have been tattooing since 2004, and at scapegoat in portland since 2006. i love it here and this is my home. i’ve been lucky to have worked on/with so many wonderful people in that time, and to have built up a steady and reliable clientele who keep me about as busy as i care to be, at any given time. i dedicate my work and my time to them. while i am honored by every request i receive, opportunities for new clients are fairly rare and unpredictable. i do the best i can, but i simply cannot tattoo every person or respond to every email. i am only one dude, and i do not have an assistant or a customer service department.

that said, i hope you aren’t deterred or afraid to ask. i do my best to accomodate every request i get, so please do not be shy. i even made this contact form thing to make it easy for ya.

some pertinent info:
– the rate at scapegoat is $180/hr.
– deposits(usually $100) are required and non-refundable for all appointments, and are held until the last session of the tattoo.
– i book appointments four times a year: march(for april-june),  june(for jul-sept),  september(for oct-dec), and december (for jan-march). i usually pick a day towards the middle/end of the month to start booking. as soon as all my availabilities for that quarter are full (usually within a week or so), i then close my books until the next quarter.
– i am at the shop a lot, but i do not follow a set schedule. when i am there, i am focused on doing tattoos. email(not stopping by) is the best way to get a hold of me.
– these days i am most interested in large-scale japanese tattooing, but not strictly so. i also love americana, scientific illustration, art nouveau, mythology, animalia, geometrics, portraits(sometimes) and maybe even some blackwork here or there. i find the best tattoos happen when clients have respect for the classics of traditional tattooing, and are willing to be adventurous.
– despite my best intentions, i am often terrible at promptly replying to emails. i am a tattooer and the focus of my profession is doing tattoos, not typing. i try my best to check them weekly and not to let more than 2 weeks go by without answering, but it doesn’t always work out that way. please be patient and don’t write shitty yelp reviews about my poor computer correspondence. i’m doing the best i can.
– 90% of tattoo drawings are done the night before or day of the the appt, and asking me to have it done earlier is asking me to change my tried and true work habits. please don’t. :)

thank you, again, for your interest. i hope to make something cool with you soon!
ryan mason
scapegoat tattoo
1223 se stark st.
portland, or 97214