bear attacks

for some reason, even after 5 years in portland, i had never been to the redwoods before this past weekend. and now i feel really dumb about it taking so long… it was a wondrous road trip.   shimmers rocks/docks/tiny people dead shit seadogs brachiosaurs fuckin wicked big trees canopies bunyan’s babe’s balls oh, it was grand.   as far as work stuffs, well. i’ve felt like i’ve been very efficient lately. lots and lots of new stuff getting started and others getting finished, but i’m only gonna show a little at a time. mourning flock roses more like this,…

æ ö þ Р€

greetings, fellow barbarians….so it looks like i’ve made the grave mistake of waiting too long in between blog posts, because if i were to try and tell you about everything i’ve done in the past 3 weeks, it would be pages long. so, i’m really gonna half-ass this one, like even worse than normal… kind of a drive-by blogging. it’s clearly rain time in portland now, so now that i’m back i’m sure there will be plenty of time for dicking around and writing stupid shit about nothing. so don’t worry, i’ll make up for this one. (btw, if you…

on the road

just so ya’ll know, i’m out of town for the next few weeks and will not really have any internetz, so your emails and such will receive even-shittier replies with even-longer wait times for a while. i’ll be back in october, goddamnit! also, for you portlanders, my shop cohort brian t wilson is also out of town, so scapegoat will be closed on mondays until i return. so i apologize in advance if you turn into garfield. i’m currently in new york, kicking so much ass and gaining like 30 pounds from all this food. oof


ALL I WANT TO DO IS SWIM i spent this last week in beautiful victoria, bc, hanging out and working with the wonderful folks at tattoo zoo. since pictures are worth more than words, i’ll leave you with these: big thanks to gerry and sarah for all the hospitality and food and making it super excellent. i’m stoked to go back.