bear attacks

for some reason, even after 5 years in portland, i had never been to the redwoods before this past weekend. and now i feel really dumb about it taking so long… it was a wondrous road trip.   shimmers rocks/docks/tiny people dead shit seadogs brachiosaurs fuckin wicked big trees canopies bunyan’s babe’s balls oh, it was grand.   as far as work stuffs, well. i’ve felt like i’ve been very efficient lately. lots and lots of new stuff getting started and others getting finished, but i’m only gonna show a little at a time. mourning flock roses more like this,…


ok. i’m not going to australia in march like i had hoped.  i would’ve had to really scramble and throw together some shitty haphazard two-week trip without much preparation, and would have been neglecting a bunch of other things, like dogs, by leaving town for that long. but thank you, everyone, for supporting the idea and i’m certain i will get out there at some point, maybe next year. i just didn’t have enough time to get it together. but there’s always a silver lining, right? in this case, it’s a blurry, deep-fried, beer-goggled one…. in effect, i’m trading in…


hello, e-world. been a while. i’m not going to lie, this year is off to a pretty weird start. so i’ve been a little occupied with non-bloggable undertakings, my head a swirling maelstrom of interrupted thought and divided attentions. all the hours with such limited focus makes me uneasy… i sense a vacation may be in the near future. hang ten, bro. in the meantime, i’ve been a busy bee and will be even busier for another 6 weeks or so. these last three were done in austin at the star of texas convention. not a bad show, all around…….


in the waning hours of the year, i would like recognize the friends, family, dogs, loved ones, clients, fans and artists who have officially, and perhaps unknowingly, contributed in no small way to making 2010 the best year i think i’ve ever had. i am an extremely lucky man to be continually surrounded with such high-caliber humanity, personally and professionally. my soul glows with the light from yours. thank you. my friends, you bow to no one. now let’s go have another!   be excellent to each other. -rrryan        


cold and quiet, old and candle-lit. the days are short, the rains unrelenting. i’ll just stay at home. i got a new camera(thanks for the recommendations everyone), but haven’t had the chance to really use it yet, as i just got it a few days ago. so next post should have some decent pictures. maybe.   austin in a few weeks, and (with luck) i may be traveling to new zealand and australia in early march. keep yo eyes peeled!


a year ago, quentin had this on his back. now he has this. pretty stoked to have things wrapped up on this one, i believe that’s now 3 full-size completed backpieces for me. i’m all grown up. also, quentin is a frickin’ BADASS, doing multiple two-day, back-to-back sittings on this. i wish i was tough. THIS BIRD IS NATIVE TO NEW ZEALAND CIRCUS WAGONS ARE OBSOLETE FANCY SHIT GRANDPA FARM GHOUL DOG DUDE WTF HIPPO PPBBBBTHPBBTHBBTHPTB


it’s november. i’m hibernating. it’s cold, it’s rainy, greg oden’s knees have disintegrated (again), and a melancholy grey has taken over most of the things that i normally like to post about. so nothing interesting here today, guys. sorry i’m not motivated to write about life lately, but the good news is that motivation has transferred to other bloggable media that you are probably only here to look at anyway. more tattoos like this please. and apparently, as this photo reveals, my camera has turned into a turd. i’m thinking about maybe getting a nice-ish one. anybody have any suggestions?…