bear attacks

for some reason, even after 5 years in portland, i had never been to the redwoods before this past weekend. and now i feel really dumb about it taking so long… it was a wondrous road trip.   shimmers rocks/docks/tiny people dead shit seadogs brachiosaurs fuckin wicked big trees canopies bunyan’s babe’s balls oh, it was grand.   as far as work stuffs, well. i’ve felt like i’ve been very efficient lately. lots and lots of new stuff getting started and others getting finished, but i’m only gonna show a little at a time. mourning flock roses more like this,…


hello, e-world. been a while. i’m not going to lie, this year is off to a pretty weird start. so i’ve been a little occupied with non-bloggable undertakings, my head a swirling maelstrom of interrupted thought and divided attentions. all the hours with such limited focus makes me uneasy… i sense a vacation may be in the near future. hang ten, bro. in the meantime, i’ve been a busy bee and will be even busier for another 6 weeks or so. these last three were done in austin at the star of texas convention. not a bad show, all around…….


in the waning hours of the year, i would like recognize the friends, family, dogs, loved ones, clients, fans and artists who have officially, and perhaps unknowingly, contributed in no small way to making 2010 the best year i think i’ve ever had. i am an extremely lucky man to be continually surrounded with such high-caliber humanity, personally and professionally. my soul glows with the light from yours. thank you. my friends, you bow to no one. now let’s go have another!   be excellent to each other. -rrryan        


a year ago, quentin had this on his back. now he has this. pretty stoked to have things wrapped up on this one, i believe that’s now 3 full-size completed backpieces for me. i’m all grown up. also, quentin is a frickin’ BADASS, doing multiple two-day, back-to-back sittings on this. i wish i was tough. THIS BIRD IS NATIVE TO NEW ZEALAND CIRCUS WAGONS ARE OBSOLETE FANCY SHIT GRANDPA FARM GHOUL DOG DUDE WTF HIPPO PPBBBBTHPBBTHBBTHPTB

hallowed ground

arrrrrggghh i came back to portland a few weeks ago with all this determination and intent to really buckle down and work hard and kick ass, and here i am three weeks later, mostly unmotivated to do anything besides play/watch/read about basketball, or hang out with dogs. there must be something in the rain. i know i’ve mostly been neglecting the blogging thing, but to be fair i’ve been busy with legit shit. and besides, everyone knows that blogging frequency is inversely proportionate to the amount of fun one’s having. more fun, less blog. so i’m going to take it…

on the road

just so ya’ll know, i’m out of town for the next few weeks and will not really have any internetz, so your emails and such will receive even-shittier replies with even-longer wait times for a while. i’ll be back in october, goddamnit! also, for you portlanders, my shop cohort brian t wilson is also out of town, so scapegoat will be closed on mondays until i return. so i apologize in advance if you turn into garfield. i’m currently in new york, kicking so much ass and gaining like 30 pounds from all this food. oof

cygnus, the swan

my camera mysteriously erased/consumed/sold three weeks worth of quality tattoo photos, so today you guys are stuck with the usual underwater retardedness, shitty in-progesses, and bad pictures of my dog doing mundane things that only i would find endearing/interesting enough to post. but you should all be used to this by now, guys. at this point, it’s your own fault. -HOME olive’s life has changed a little, as we both have a wiggly, jumpy, bitey new roommate: her name is billie and she LOVES us. mostly with her teeth. -CAMP WTVR IT’S A DESERT I’LL PEE WHERE I WANT i…