after 15 wonderful years, i officially ended my tenure at scapegoat tattoo a few days ago. i cannot begin to describe everything i’m feeling about this decision, but i can say for sure that many of those years were unforgettable and i will miss it here.

i’ve been lucky to share this floor with some of the finest humans and formidable talents in the biz. instagram only lets you tag 20 people, but many more have passed through here who have all shaped my life indelibly. i’d be remiss to not specifically thank @the_noble_mountain, who i will always love like a brother, for the opportunity to be here and experience such a special place for so long… i am honored and humbled to my core.

nothing about my absence will keep scapegoat from remaining a legendary shop in my book. the force is strong with the current crew, and it is well equipped to lead on heroically to the next chapter.

as for me, i will be pursuing my dream of tattooing in a quiet, private studio in north portland… after a bit of a break. i’ll have more details later this summer. but for now i just want extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who passed through, worked here, got tattooed and shared the love. you made this place what is was, and that made me who i am. it has truly been the privilege of a lifetime.

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