silver linings! also RAFFLE!

welp, here we are. june is around the corner and we don’t have much more information about returning to work. i think at this point, the idea of going back to work in june is unlikely. much of oregon has started to reopen, though our county has yet to apply for reopening, as we have by far the densest population in the state. even if we are legally able to return to work soon, there are practical hurdles to consider at the shop… we’ll have to work that stuff out when the time comes. as of right now, i can say for sure that i am anxious to return to work but i will not do irresponsibly.

as tattooers, we are grouped into “phase 1” of oregon’s economic reoping plan, along with hairstylists and other personal services. because of the close proximity to clients with services like ours, it is impossible to maintain social distance while working… so that means we are slated to be on the front lines of oregon’s reopening bid and will be heavily reliant on expensive PPE for our normal procedures. most other states have personal services like ours grouped into later phases of their reopening plans, and i think the non-essential nature of tattoos should put us in a later phase, as other states have done. for the most part i have been supportive of oregon’s handling of the pandemic, but this isn’t one of them. i think they just want to avoid paying us unemployment to the self-employed as much as possible… which is funny, because i still haven’t received anything despite applying over two months ago. i still don’t know if i will be getting any state financial assistance.

right now, i’m thinking the most likely scenario is returning in some capacity at some point in july. beyond that, there’s still more questions than answers. for now, i’m focusing on what i can, which are little odd jobs around the house, time with my partner and dogs, motorcycles, gardening, deep cleaning, baking, and for the first time in years, making music again. i’m trying to let my day-to-day be less about financial considerations and more about mental health investment, because i need it now more than ever.

that said, the financial realities are piling up, regardless of where my mental focus is. so to help pay a few bills while we wait this out, i’m announcing a raffle for two FREE $500 tattoos(once we get back to work). to enter the raffle, all you have to do is buy something from my bigcartel…. every $50 spent equals one raffle ticket. i’ve lowered some prices on some things to even it out, and this way even if you don’t win the tattoo you still get a hoodie or print or painting (though there is a “raffle ticket” option too if you just want to be nice). those of you who have bought stuff since the shutdown(3/15) will retroactively get tickets for your purchases as well.

i’ll announce the two winners next sunday, june 7th. as for the tattoos, you can get a one-shot, and pick anything from my flash book (lot of stuff to choose from, hope ya like snakes and flowers), or if you have an existing project with me you can put it towards that. this does not count towards starting a new large-scale project like a sleeve or backpiece, and cover-ups/reworks aren’t allowed.

so yeah! i’m excited to see who wins!





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