hi friends!

it turns that all it takes for me to make a real blog post is a global pandemic. the state of oregon has suspended all tattooing until further notice, so we are all out of work indefinitely. it sucks, but it’s not wholly unpleasant to have some time to breathe. i’d been tattooing at maximum capacity for over a decade, and had fully normalized all the stress and anxiety and coping mechanisms i’ve developed to manage the ever-growing workload. it’s only being forced to stop that it’s become clear how abnormal those behaviors really were, and how separate they were from my personality. my hope is to use the perspective gained from this experience to maintain a better work/life balance in the future… even with the rampant uncertainty and instability right now, i’m excited for the future and the opportunity to apply what we’ve learned through this mess. it’s going to get better!

for those of you who have ongoing projects or have emailed me recently, as of right now i have no answers as to when i can expect to be back to work. i’m hoping to be tattooing in some capacity at some point in june, but that is just a hope and not based on any factual inside information. it’s up to governor kate brown, who has an impossible job right now. when we do get back to tattooing, all ongoing projects and people who have already left deposits will get first priority. beyond that, i am happy to talk ideas for potential tattoos in the future, but i can’t give any timelines.

i’ve been passing the time with a lot of cooking, gardening, home renovations, and painting. for now, my only income is what i’m able to make from prints/shirts sold, and commissioned paintings. i am unlikely to qualify for any kind of government benefits program, so if you ever had any intention to purchase anything from my webstore or ask me about a possible painting commission, now would be the best possible time to do so… i’ll never be more appreciative, and i’ll never have more time than i do right now!

i recently completed this painting, titled “vessel.” i’m excited to partner with austin-based brand Mindzai Apparel to produce high-quality prints of this painting, at a lower price point than what i can manage by self-publishing. click on the image for a link to purchase!

i also completed a few commissions from the past few weeks:


thanks for reading, folks. feel free to contact me for commission requests (or anything, really) at ryanscapegoat@gmail.com.

take care of yourselves, folks! i’ll see you on the other side!


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