we need to talk about this, y’all.

this thing is happening and it’s happening fast and no one knows what to do. i’m concerned that too many people aren’t taking this seriously enough.

as of right now, scapegoat is closed until april 1st. given all the unknowns about the asymptomatic transmission of the virus, the widespread inaccessibility of testing for most people, and the government’s inability to protect us… we cannot afford to take chances with this. this situation is clearly getting out of control, and we can’t safely do our work until it is.

i think it will be longer before we are really back to work. i’m not sure when that will be. this will hit us hard… as independent contractors, we will have no income in the meantime and are ineligible for unemployment. it sucks, but there are no responsible alternatives.

please be patient with new tattoo requests… i don’t know yet when i can tattoo you. i will be back in contact with you once i know enough.

i will be making some paintings and drawings for sale in the upcoming weeks… if you want to help out in the meantime, buying stuff from the webstore would be immensely helpful and hugely appreciated.

thank you all for your continued support! stay safe out there, friends. i’ll see ya on the other side!

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