finally some news!

hey everyone!

finally a real update! i got some new scapegoat shirts printed, so come and get’em. check out the new “store” section for ordering/details.


ALSO, i’m happy to announce that i will be working at this year’s Lady Luck Tattoo Arts & History Expo in Reno, NV at the end of this month(march 31-april 2), along with everyone else here at scapegoat. come say hi, get tattooed, get some shirts! more info on the “travel” page.






One Comment

  1. kathy bennett

    Hi Ryan,

    You did a opossum and bunny tattoo on my arm a few months back, anyways I was wondering if you will be taking appointments anytime soon?

    I would like to do some kind of ocean theme on my other arm, such as a octopus and a sea lion and maybe a shark . Let me know if you

    might be interested in doing that.


    Kathy Bennett


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