hi everyone.

been a while. i had not found much reason to keep up with anything over here for most of the last few years. there is a diminishing quality to maintaining an internet presence in this way, and for me it diminished to the point of no return. when i started this blog four years ago, it developed into a kind of therapy for me… a way for me to find value in the sleepless, lonely hours of night where my mind raced against itself. “somnambulance(medically defined as sleepwalking),” was an active choice for the title here as much for its literal definition, as much for the metaphorical implications, as much for the general state of being as it applied to a troubled soul grappling with first-world problems. it helped sometimes… not always. but there turned out to be a cumulative effect, too, and good things came of it. i started to feel a little better. met a girl. things made sense. i could sleep, and escape the circle of self-immersion that made everything beautiful also depressing. by default, there was mercifully less purpose and opportunity to stay up all night ruminating on thoughts of self and the trouble with it all. perhaps not coincidentally, as blogging declined, so did the stress levels. never was this more clear than when i accidentally put my camera through the washing machine, rendering it useless, and after the initial forehead-slapping, actually felt a sense of relief in that i had a perfect excuse to not deal with showing you all tattoo photos. work had never been less stressful.

but. things change, and old habits die hard. and here i am again, for better or worse, at 4 am sharp. here’s some crap for y’all. these are almost all terrible smartphone photos (i laundered my camera, remember?), so gimme a break.


poe has been tattooed by some seriously good tattooers, so i was both honored and terrified to put these boobs on his boobs.


there can never be too many tiger tattoos.


chris, in typical canadian form, was a pleasure to work with on this fancy skull.


done on one of my favorite people. never done this image before and i love it.


words cannot describe how bad this photo makes this otherwise good tattoo look.


love this tattoo on dave. we’re doing a dragon on the other arm and he is going to look cooler than everyone.


i still like owl tattoos.


wow, this photo sucks. the tattoo is better than this i promise.




luna moths are huge.


your grandma was probably a babe when she was young, too.


probably my favorite tattoo to date, and the only good photo in this bunch, probably because i didn’t take it. 5 sessions, start to finish. ashley is a badass.


  1. Best as Always

  2. Missed seeing your work. It’s inspiring. Hope thigs keep getting better and better for you. Hope so badly to oneday get tattooed by you! That last back piece is amazing, x

  3. 5 sessions !!!!!!!! She is Badass for sure!!!.

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