hi everybody.

don’t you hate when things don’t go like you planned? like, you work really hard to figure out something that you’re sure is gonna work out for you and everyone else, and it doesn’t work out, like AT ALL? yeah. sucks.  in a not-so-subtlely-related note, if you’ve sent me an email in the past two months and haven’t gotten a response, it’s because i have an anxiety attack every time i try to write back. trust me, i’ve tried to respond. but i probably just don’t have a good answer for you yet. thanks for your patience, i’ll get back to you when i can write a thorough response without it including several paragraphs of unpronouncable nonsense(ie, the prose of my forehead banging on the keyboard in distress).

at least i have some pictures.

someday i’ll have a real update.


  1. Matteo

    You are a really great man RYan!!! You have project to came in Italy?

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