rain dogs

hi everybody, been a while. i’ve been busy and tired, which is normal… but lately i’ve had little to show for it. i also just noticed, looking at all these photos, that almost all of these clients pictured traveled from somewhere other than portland to get tattooed. weird.

first up… tao came all the way from copenhagen and sat for 12 hours over two consecutive days to get this classic tiger/dragon battle…. for his first tattoo. totally badass. we were originally planning on just getting the lines and black done, but at some point i think i lost my mind and decided we should just go for it. in retrospect i’m glad we did it, but it got pretty gnarly there for a while.  even though it’s only march, we can give tao the 2012 badass award now. also, more tattoos like this, please.

bran’s taken a few trips up to portland from colorado, where she does some lovely tattoos, to piece together this sleeve. so far every critter on this arm has a beverage in hand, but this mayor-owl is the classiest.  i think next time we are gonna wrap it all up with squirrelly, the critter-town drunk, which i’m actually excited for. thanks bran!

ashley came up from phoenix for this lady/mirror/pocketwatch/dead crow. 3 sessions altogether. i really like the lady’s hair, and the upside-down crow. ashley also apparently has an amazing job where she gets to be the flight attendant for nba basketball teams, so i was really happy to hear her talk about how friendly and funny shaq is, and how kevin garnett is a total weirdo. thanks ashley!

skulls and roses will never get old.

neither will owls. especially snowy ones.

more like this please. loren also has the treehouse tattoo i posted some time ago, and i was really happy to do this one all huge on her tiny leg. i don’t think i’ll ever get sick of doing any kind of skull. i will, however, get sick of doing cats. and deer. and foxes(unless it’s a kitsune). thanks loren!

i know i just said i’m sick of foxes, but i like this one. i am going to try really hard to have this one officially be the last fox i’ll do, because i’m not sure i’ll be able to do any better than this. thanks dyanna!

healed photo on sasha’s octopus tattoo i did about a year and a half ago. i like it!

in progress:

i have an interview in this month’s issue of  a german tattoo magazine, Tatowier. it’s all auf deutsch so i can’t read anything the article says, but at least there’s boobs on the cover.

that’s all i got, kids. nothing new to report, for now.

as always, thanks for your interest!


  1. Thanks for your Art Ryan !! Your Japan style is amazing !

  2. Crazy beautiful work! Truly inspiring.

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