2012, ya’ll. i don’t know about you, but i am STOKED about it. in years past, the calendar change has always come with anxiety and a vague sense of unfulfillment for me… usually related to growing older and weirder or having no idea how i’m ever going to be an adult or if anything i care about will still be around. but, for the first time in maybe ever, i am excited about moving forward and not looking backward. contentment has replaced complacency. no worry, no hurry. everything is going to be awesome.

i found this jellyfish at the coast.

i’ve been really bad at taking tattoo pictures lately…. in addition to taking terrible photos when i get the opportunity, i haven’t finished a whole lot of stuff to get pictures of anyway. but, i’ve started a few projects recently that i’m really excited to work on and are pretty much exactly what i want to be doing more of, so take notes here, kids.

dustin came back to portland to work on his arm a bit more, so i took the chance to get a nice healed photo of his front piece. i love how tattoos look a few months after they’re healed.

finished circus elephant on one of my favorite, best clients. we’re gonna start her back in the next few months and it’s gonna be rad. keep an eye out!

kasey came up from oakland to finish this black and grey peacock(her first tattoo!).  we did the outline and a little black shading a few months back, and finished everything else earlier last month… about 8 hours total i think. kasey sat super well like a champ for this, especially considering the size and painful placement for a first tattoo. her husband brian stayed with us all day both sessions and compiled a nice little mini-movie of the process on his phone:

iphones, man. taking the world by storm.

what’s more remarkable here is that kasey got this peacock shaded the day after we spent four hours tattooing this skull on her arm, too.

tough girl!

owlz on legz


aaaaand, in progress:

more of these^, please!

and this

and this too


finally, for anyone who has been patiently waiting…. i am now taking appointments for february – april 2012. if you would like to get tattooed during that time, email me at with your ideas and a list/general idea of dates within those three months that could potentially work for you to get tattooed, and i will get back to you(make sure to read the info page all the way through first, if you haven’t already). it may take a week or two for me to respond, so please be patient… as always, i owe scheduling priority to ongoing tattoo projects and regular customers. from there, it’s first-come, first-serve. i will take the next few weeks to book appointments, close booking when all of feb, march, and april are full, and repeat this process in may (for appointments june-august). i’ll make another blog post when this round of booking closes.

and, of course… thank you, everyone, for the continued interest here. someday i may be able to properly express how grateful i am for all of you, but for now this all i can do. best wishes for the new year, friends. onward!

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