witch hunt


i am going to have to try really hard to not overload ya’ll with photos, because this month was CRAZY. so much stuff going on. so even though i’m going to try not to, prepare for a monster photo post.


i drew this lil’ thing for my brother’s metal blog, the living doorway…..which you should read. it’s much more interesting than anything you’ll find here anyway.

i sprained my ankle playing basketball and it looked like this for a few days. i’m mostly just bummed about not playing basketball.

i spent a few days in chicago and got tattooed. tim biedron has been a pretty big influence for me and my own work over the years, and it was awesome to finally get something done by him and find him to be such a likeable, down-to-earth dude. i’m stoked to go back and see it progress. check his stuff out… anything i’ve done, he’s probably done better.


oh right, i went to work too. busy month!

i did this violin-fish on my lovely friend and co-worker, silje hagland. it’s for her grandpa and i’m glad i didn’t mess it up because grandpas are cool…. plus i’m going to have to look at it a lot.

sayaka came from LA for this nouveau lady + kitty. stoked on black n grey lately.

owl from a decorative candle she brought in for reference.

we actually finished this a while ago, close to a year now, but just got a chance for healed photos. this snake is one of the largest tattoos i’ve ever completed, and certainly the one that travels the most distance between different body parts. the portrait of the bearded dragon on her thigh is a coverup that i did years ago. mara is a great client and heals so well… i feel compelled to mention that these photos are not manipulated in any way beyond cropping and blurring(i never do that shit anyway), the colors just really are that bright. oh, and  i didn’t do the autumn leaves/flowers on her am, nor the stars on the other side of her back.

lo’s treehouse is done and healed! also, this is my dream home. if i became a weird hermit and only did tattoos out of a treehouse in the middle of the oregon woods and not portland, would you still come get tattooed? please let me know, i need this information to write up a business /retirement plan.

finished carrie’s capricorn/chrysanthemum leg… the flowers and a few spots of grey are fresh but the rest is healed. carrie is my massage therapist and may be single-handedly responsible for keeping me in good working order for tattooing. i’m thankful for her.

carousel horse, also done! mostly healed but there’s some fresh black and grey in the background so it looks a little red. i really like this one.

geisha rat/ninja otter… fresh color on the rat and kimono, the rest is healed. more like this please!

coyote head on edwin…. no, it’s not a fox. sorry edwin, idiot people will probably be saying “i like your fox” to you for the rest of your life.

baku (nightmare-eater) on cody. i love all the crazy mythical japanese creatures like this. i even have one of these on me. more like this please!


oh, and THEN, there was halloween. for those of you who are unfamiliar, every year at scapegoat we draw sheets of little halloween tattoos and do them for $31, walk-in style, all day. and every year, it ends up being an absolute madhouse all day and we all work our asses off and then go home and think that we’ll be better prepared the next year. but we never are. this year we had 7 tattooers smushed into 5 stations, three assistants, and we all tattooed until midnight or later, and still fell short and didn’t get nearly close to tattooing everyone we wanted to. maybe next year?

i’ve made no secret of my inability/unwillingness to paint, especially for tattoo designs, and every year i’ve been a total jerk about it and refused to draw anything for our halloween day. but i actually broke down this year and drew and painted my first flash sheet, of which i would proud except that no one actually got count chocula, frankenberry, OR “kenny rogers, the retarded inbred tiger,” tattooed on them. therefore, it was a monumental disappointment and i now consider my efforts a total failure. THANKS A LOT, HALLOWEENIES.

that said, i almost- almost- enjoyed the painting process and may be more inclined to do it again in the future. well, at least as long as the nba lockout continues. when will it end?


see ya next month!





  1. I loved your flash sheet! I recognized it right away, I think it was the black metal panda. My husband got the dracula bunny!

    I really love the geisha rat/ninja otter piece! Can’t wait to get in contact with you in January!

  2. I can’t believe no one got the tiger. What the fuck.

    1. me too. i have never been so disappointed.

  3. Maybe if you put “Fierce” under the Tiger they would have gotten it. hahaha. Beautiful work, I would like to talk to you once I can get tattooed again.

  4. PS the photo of the grapes and hornet is amazing and that is clearly a coyote not a fox.

  5. If you tattooed out of a tree-house that would make getting a tattoo from you more appealing! You would be the only person I would allow to tattoo my wrinkled old skin.

  6. hello ryan,
    i am a tattooer in Tennessee and I am always awaiting new entries in your blog to see all the new tattoos. really great stuff.
    …. and for the record…. I totally would have gotten the tiger had I been there….

  7. that tiger is so funny

  8. I don’t think I’d visit you UNLESS you worked from a treehouse…

    ….no no, that’s not true – one day I’ll be lucky enough to sport your art. x

  9. Sequoia

    Wow that elephant is gorgeous. I hope you don’t get sick of them like you have foxes; I would love to get one by you someday. The peacock is breathtaking too.

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