hi guys.

i’m back from europe, and happy to be home. i had a good time (copenhagen was especially fun),  and big thanks to allan and amalie for accomodating me so well, i loved it there. but i still like home best.

as usual, i’m feeling a refreshed perspective from my travels, and am happy to announce a few changes around here. it’s a new era, change is good!

-first off, i won’t be carrying a waitlist anymore…. it’s become far too stressful for me to manage. there are still some folks on it who are awaiting appointments and they will be scheduled as originally planned, but beyond that, i will simply book 3 months at a time, 4 times a year. once those months are full, booking will closed until the next booking period, which i will announce here on the blog. because i’m still booked for the rest of 2011, the next booking period will start january 1st, 2012, for appointments in feb, march, and april. so if you’re looking to get tattooed, email me in january and no earlier (unless you are a traveling client from far away and need to make travel plans). it will be first-come, first serve. if you miss out, you’ll have to wait until the next booking period.

i also will no longer have a set schedule of days at scapegoat, and will now operate solely by appointment only. this doesn’t make me any more or less available than before, as i’ll still be at the shop more often than not. it was just inevitable. for those of you looking to track me down… email is still best, but you can also call the shop 503.232.4628 and check to see when i’ll be around. i’ve revamped and updated my info page to explain the scheduling changes and included some more relevant information to my current workload. have a look through and maybe let me know if anything seems unclear or if i forgot anything.

this is all in effort to reduce stress on me, to help me focus more on the quality(not quantity) of the tattoos and client experience, and not spend every day dealing with scheduling, constant emails, and other crap that bogs me down and turns me into a jerk every day.

-our crew here at scapegoat is turning over a new leaf as well. henry rodriguez and dylan fram are both leaving scapegoat this month on to bigger and better things. with some sadness, i wish both them and their respective families the best of luck on their new endeavors. that said, there’s always a silver lining, and i’m happy to announce the new arrival of allyson bennet to the scapegoat crew. we think she’ll fit in nicely.

SO, after all that, my trip to europe seems a little mundane. good thing i have pictures.

hey. this was amber’s FIRST tattoo. seven hours of work in london. fucking badass.

bear done at the convention. dan got the back of his forearm done by chad koeplinger the next day, poor guy. must’ve felt terrible on all that swelling.


i was stoked to get a healed photo of this strongman i did in london last year, on faridah. looks an awful lot more like freddie mercury than i remember.

this was also laura’s first tattoo, done in copenhagen. i think it’s cute.

rebecka got her whole lower arm done in one session, all the way around with a fox and a hare, in 6 hours. i didn’t get very good pictures so this is all i have to show, but i’m pretty happy with it.

kasper’s magpie. i did this is copenhagen with uncle allan and eckel looking on. those guys pretty much wrote the book on tattoos with this subject matter so it was little nervewracking, but i think it came out nice.

matthias came from germany to get this hourglass done in copenhagen. nice guy, fun tattoo.

fox neck in london on a lovely italian lady.

more like this please

it’s funny to do adorable tattoos on necks. like, it looks all badass to have your neck tattooed until you realize it’s some cute little tanuki daruma, and your only reaction is “awwwwwww…”

finished sam’s peacock. the tail feathers are the only part that’fs fresh in this photo, but i’d really like to get a healed one to see how everything levels out. otherwise i’m happy with it and hope to experiment with this kind of rib/thigh placement on other tattoos.

this elephant was actually finished in one session way back in june, but i just got a healed photo. iiii like it!

ok, i don’t really have anything else for ya’ll. i’ll be working my ass off this next month, so check out tumblr if you wanna see more in-progress stuff. thanks for checking in!



  1. Nice blog!
    Good you had a nice time in europe and did awesome tattoos! But its always good to be home again:)
    And btw I could’t help it… That tanuki daruma was so cute:p

  2. Hi Ryan!

    thanks again for the Tanuki-Daruma tattoo you did on me at the London Convention. Its the most cute, bad-ass neck tattoo around..hahahahaha…

    take care! Grtz Sjoerd

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