it’s labor day, and i’m tired and sick. great day for internets.

i usually get sick with a sorethoat/stuffy nose/upper respiratory bullshit when i’m exhausted and stressed out, and this time i’m blaming it on scheduling and traveling plans…london and copenhagen are coming up real soon, so i’m scrambling a bit to finish things up and/or clear some workload before i leave, in 12 days. aaaaand i still had no idea i was leaving that soon until i just typed that. wow.

k, fun’s over. work time. lots of stuff happened this month.

four half-sleeves, in various states of completion, on girls wearing tank tops. must be summertime.

them kids on tumblr are gonna love this one.

no elbows on the dinner table, because it will fucking hurt until these heal.

that snake on the right plays for the lakers

pretty stoked on how this one came out.

healed, and upside-down, kinda. this is on a wonderful longtime client of mine who is moving to alaska… hopefully temporarily, but i will miss working on her just the same. good luck megan!

done on a really nice tattooer from hawaii… eventually we’re gonna do a white horse on the other side when we can get her back out here.

i owed this lovely italian lady a tattoo for some trade work a few years back, and she finally visited portland again so i made good on it with this conch shell. and i also got a chance to photograph her arm, which we completeed over about 6 weeks, start to finish, in summer 2009. design-wise it’s pretty different from how i would handle a similar request nowadays, but i love the way the greys and  rich colors have all settled in together and really become part of her arm. i think it looks great on her and for that i’m really happy with it.


thanks everyone, for your continued interest. the rest of this year will be very busy for me, and if you are looking to get tattooed i’d suggest getting back to me in december or january, as i think i’ll be changing my booking system a bit to manage demand a little better. let’s hope that works out. thanks, ya’ll… see ya when i’m back from europa!







  1. Megan Bell

    thanks ryan! Hope you can give me a nurse tattoo the next time i visit! i think i will be back this spring.

  2. Heather Owens

    I am in <3 with your work. I saw it om a beautiful woman in the exotic magazine. Then figured out via fb that she and I have a mutual friend to finally find out that you were the artist. I'm a tattoo virgin & I am very excited to get my first tattoo. Hopeful for 2012 it looks like (^_-) have a great rest of your year.

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