hello friends,

i’ll keep this one short… everything is busy busy and i’m mostly having fun with it.

-i’m booking appointments for london (sep 19-25) and copenhagen (sept 27-30) now. if you’re interested in getting tattooed in either city, send me an email at, including a good idea of what you want for a tattoo and what days are best for you.

-it’s probably safe to say at this point that i am waitlisted/booked out for the rest of 2011. i will probably be re-doing a lot of my scheduling/waitlist stuff in the coming months to accomodate for the higher demand, hopefully for a fresh start in winter. in the meantime, thank you, everyone, for you continued interest and patience.

-i don’t know if ya’ll knew this already, but i have shirts for sale here. i’ll have some in london, too, though in years past they’ve sold out quick so it might be easier to buy online!


carl sagan as holy man? now that’s a tattoo idea.

dustin still has an arm to finish, but we decided to just knock this thing out while we had the chance. i’m pretty stoked on it, and the whole thing only took about 7-8 hours. that said, i think this will be the last deer/elk tattoo i do(with the exception of completing a few that i’ve already started).

carrot-man playing a concertina. from an awesome old german postcard.

picture sucks, but you get the idea?

matt moreno was in town doing tattoos at scapegoat this month, , and he had me tattoo this snail-helmet battle-lady on his hand. i thought it was a cool idea. looks like mr. moreno will be in town for a while, so hopefully we can get a healed picture at some point. thanks matt!


and theeeen, there’s all the ongoing stuff… if you like seeing the in-progress work you might like my tumblr page, which i’ve devoted solely to documenting the process of larger-scale tattoos.



oh, and then i had fun. also, i’m 28 now… you can tell because my office is full of balloons and a lovely lady made me an excellent cake.




good job.



  1. Captain Annie

    Happy belated birthday, Ry guy!

  2. Your posts always make me happy.

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