right after i made my last post, i started to realize that maybe this thing wasn’t so obsolete after all… i just never had the time to write anything worth writing. i still don’t, but i now recognize that i’m not done just yet. as we learned in my last post, i have all kinds of anxieties and assorted malaise about my ability to maintain my chosen field of work, and i think with that there will always be something worth sharing there. because as we also learned, in the comments of my last post, people tend to think of “artistry” and “talent” as the driving force behind this tattooing thing… and i strongly, yet respectfully, disagree. it is, at least for me, much more a product of focus, patience, determination and resolute stubbornness that i’m able to keep doing this for a living. i’m sure there are plenty of other tattooers whose artistic passion and creative muscle paves the way for their tattooing, which i admire greatly… because, in truth, i am not one of them. this is where i think things get interesting, and where this blog starts serving a real purpose. so it’s not dead yet.

anyway. to continue on would be heavyhanded. i have pictures for you now.

*summertime commences*

i’d like you to meet my new new girlfrie… i mean, motorcycle. she’s beeauuutiful.


fernhill park

mt. tabor


i also went back to new england for a minute, to celebrate the wedding of two of my favorite people anywhere.

stayed here

the backyard

the moon, one hot night over the atlantic.

in between all the real fun, i was working my ass off.

an dear old friend of mine from NH visited portland from phoenix, and had me tattoo a tiger-moth on her throat (!). it was the first time i’d ever worked on a tattoo with that placement, and i’m pretty excited about it. she sat like a champ and it was, all-around, and excellent experience. thanks lexy! more tattoos like this, please.

cris cleen spent a week doing classy tats at our shop earlier this month, and we traded tattoos on each other. i basically stole his entire aesthetic for this tattoo i did on him, which was smart because it’s better than my own. i think he’s got a photo of the st. bernard he did on me on his blog.

i started a pile of big new tattoos over the past month, so that i wouldn’t have to stay home and draw during the summer….we’ll see how that actually works out.

and now, since it’s summer, i’m going camping. happy birthday, america, you are now 235 years old!




  3. Larissa

    Image 3763 = WHOA!

  4. big sigh of relief. welcome back.

  5. Miss Cuervo

    :( You finally come to Europe and I finally go to Japan in September…awesome :( Next time then…

  6. Dustin

    The tiger moth looks amazing! The elk ain’t bad either…

  7. Nicole

    I think anyone who is supposed to be “creative” for a living eventually starts disliking the notion of creativity to begin with. “Creativity” doesn’t just pour from the head like rainbows into a bucket, beautiful things hide behind an immense amount of the qualities you mentioned.

    At any rate I like the flame orange on your bike.

  8. Vanessa

    Every time I see new work of yours I am overwhelmed by anxiousness (is that a word?) to get more work from you!

    Thanks for bringing back the blog :)

    Take care!

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