fire hoop

ok. it’s been a month. that seems like enough time, right? this blogging thing isn’t really a priority for me these days… it’s starting to get somewhat intermittently nice/sunny out once in a while so i try to enjoy that and not spend all that time on a computer. i think that trend will continue into the summer, so i hope monthly updates are sufficient for ya’ll for the next 6 months. i’m just not interested enough in my own life to share much of it lately…. i bore myself just thinking about it.

i’ve actually been pretty stressed out lately, as i always forget that people GO CRAZY for tattoos every march. like, literally, as soon as daylight savings time “springs forward,” my email inbox gets about a 70% increase in average daily volume for the whole month of march and most of april. it’s nuts. so if you’ve tried to contact me, or you plan to anytime in the next 4-6 weeks, please be extra patient with replies because i can only handle so much typing indoors on a beautiful day…. sorry. again, i’m just one mediocre dude with a mediocre WPM speed. also, it looks like the bulk of my summer might be pretty booked up between ongoing clients and personal travel, so some of  you may want to know that i will probably only have limited availability in portland for new tattoos this summer. i do think i might do some tattoos in europe and new england at some point this summer, but that’s tbd. don’t worry, i’ll give you plenty of notice!

i don’t have a lot to show for my past month, but i assure you i’ve been working my ass off.



one session, on alexander….all the way from the uk!

kirsten gets cool tattoos on her hands and makes killer spanish rice.

she wanted her grandpa’s old binoculars… which just happened to look exactly like WALL-E’s eye-parts, on a strap.

i never do lettering and usually hate it, but this was on a dear friend and the kind of lettering that i actually enjoy.

see ya next time!



  1. You really are talented.

  2. wow! you seem to be extra busy these days and the work is exceptional! Can’t wait to get some more work done by you! Stay awesome :)

  3. Miss Cuervo

    Europe!Awesome!!I insist:Spain is a great place to have fun, delicious food and make tattoos during the summer. :-)

  4. chelsea

    come to canada :)

  5. Your work is insane.

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