i’m not going to australia in march like i had hoped.  i would’ve had to really scramble and throw together some shitty haphazard two-week trip without much preparation, and would have been neglecting a bunch of other things, like dogs, by leaving town for that long. but thank you, everyone, for supporting the idea and i’m certain i will get out there at some point, maybe next year. i just didn’t have enough time to get it together.

but there’s always a silver lining, right? in this case, it’s a blurry, deep-fried, beer-goggled one…. in effect, i’m trading in the exotic experience of new zealand and australia, for the big dumb twinkly lights of shiny RENO, NEVADA! THE BIGGEST LITTLE CITY IN THE WORLD! that’s right, i always make the most of any situation, so i’ll be working the reno tatcon from march 11-13 and making sure to fit in as much dumb stuff as possible while i’m there. you can email me if you want tattoos there, it’ll be fun!

as for my last few weeks, i’ve been busy.


four coverups! well, eventually there will be.

opossums are insane-looking.

this isn’t done yet but i’m excited about it.

olive got caught in the tide. ha!



fancy scissors, the universal symbol for general craftiness.

here is a gross picture of a baby with a hipster haircut/attitude that i surreptitiously took in the checkout line at target.


that’s it for now. happy valentine’s day you sappy suckers.






  1. Amazing, wow, I’m speechless!!! We are mad wolves

  2. I’m mad those wolves look like my fox.


  3. I don’t know what’s worse: hipster baby of his moms 50 chins.

  4. sadsappysucker

    these are so cool. loving the cover up(s). also the elephant picking up the bones is an awesome piece. i heard they mourn over their dead that way.

  5. Is Olive a Mountain Cur?

  6. Hope Newport

    Hey Ryan,

    My name is Hope. I am looking to get a couple of tattoos, my firsts. A friend, Alex Davies suggested you to me and knew I would love your work. He was absolutely right. I have been researching and really searching for something that stands out to me. You are the first artist I have contacted. Is there anyway I could schedule a consult with you on Friday?


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