hello, e-world. been a while.

i’m not going to lie, this year is off to a pretty weird start. so i’ve been a little occupied with non-bloggable undertakings, my head a swirling maelstrom of interrupted thought and divided attentions. all the hours with such limited focus makes me uneasy… i sense a vacation may be in the near future.

hang ten, bro.

in the meantime, i’ve been a busy bee and will be even busier for another 6 weeks or so.

these last three were done in austin at the star of texas convention. not a bad show, all around…. but man, i don’t know why i continue to work these things. i think i’m just grumpy and old.

overall, i have to say i’m pretty happy with the quality of my new camera, wouldn’t you agree? it almost… *almost* makes it look like i know what i’m doing. almost.

also, i still haven’t quite figured out if i’ll be in australia/NZ in march, but i’m getting close.  in the meantime, please overload the “comment” section of this post with why you think i should or shouldn’t go and i’ll take your thoughts into consideration. come on, don’t complain… we all know you’re just bored on the internet anyway, do you really have anything better to do?



  1. Kelleigh Rae

    The Australia trip is *clearly* the best idea you’ve ever entertained in your entire tattooing career… I’ll book before you get here, deposit and all. It would make my year, or atleast round it out.. Be hard to top the penguin

  2. Chelsea Paynter

    you should definitely come to bermuda, in march the water is semi-warm :) I’ve been swimming once already this year, although my friend lives in australia and says it’s a wonderful place

  3. You just said a vaction might be in the near future. Why not make the trip for work and fun?

  4. I think you should absolutely come to Australia.
    Depsite the floods of late, the weather is usually pretty great, the beaches are tops (except in Victoria where they’re always cold, but they still look rad), the fauna is crazy but cute, the folks here are awesome, and there are plenty of people awaiting to have your artwork embedded deep into their skin.
    I think it’s a pretty clear choice, but that’s just my opinion.

  5. Dear Excellent Artist,
    Do, please do, come to Australia. I believe we could make something wonderful together! (and I’ll bake you treats).

  6. I just have to say, because I thought it too much of a coincidence to not mention…that I just “stumbled upon” your blog, and after scoping your pictures realized that I met you in Austin while I was also on a trip there with friends. We were the whole foods bums who asked your group for some sight-seeing tips before finding out that you were also from out of town. Your work is beautiful, Cheers!

  7. Go for it son!!! Life is short

  8. […] I must bore a few people with Ryan Mason’s work, but to be honest I’m impressed every time he updates his blog. It’s really great to see a subject he doesn’t usually tattoo, still done in a style which is easily recognisable as a piece in his style. (Originally found online here) […]

  9. My number one reason that you should come down is so that I can buy you a beer and beg you in person to tattoo me :3

    But that’s prolly not a very good convincing argument.
    Also New Zealand is much prettier and more green than Australia, although there is less to do in the cities. If you like adventure sports it’s pretty rad.

    Melbourne is best for Drinking and Bars. I live in Sydney now but I used to live there. It’s super pretty too. If you come to Sydney check out Newtown. It’s the best for live gigs and bars/restaurants.

    If you go to Surfers Paradise go to infinity! It’s like an acid trip without the acid. I’ve heard most bars/clubs/strip joints in Queensland don’t allow visible sleeves/obvious tattoos. So cover up if you go out there. (My last tattooist told me that).

    Hope that helped!

  10. Skip austrailia and just go to NZ. aussies are fuckin retarded. your tattoos are amazing. I want many.

  11. Um, stay in Portland and do my Phoenix/ Jade Rabbit tattoo in honor of the year of the rabbit starting February 3rd. You know, the weather’s awesome and Portland is awesome. The coffee is awesome and the people are awesome.

    I mean, what’s so great about traveling? ;)

  12. Dude, come to NZ… your mind will be blown into millions of pieces! and i would love to get zapped!! bigtime

  13. Have you ever done a dinosaur? I’ve been surfing around your blog and haven’t found any, since I’m willing to get one T-Rex-y-mosnter tattooed in my arm and am researching for the best(s) already done.
    Would love it to be inked by you, but I happen to live in Argentina, so…

    BTW, do you DO answer the comments in here?


  14. Ryan…you’d be crazy not to go to Australia/NZ! Do it! I don’t really have a convincing argument towards why u should. But I’ve always wanted to go to both and hope to still one day, but if u have that opportunity take it, plus everyone I know that’s gone to both places loved them both and had the time of their life. soo that’s a pretty good reason. plus look at all these people that want u to go!
    Also I would like to live vicariously through ur photos and blogs about it after u’d get back :)

  15. Heyo I would love it if you came to Australia and I’d totally pre-book/pre-pay for a tat. I’m in the roller derby and could probably drum up some other business for you as well. I just stumbled upon your site and your work’s amazing. I’m originally from Portland but I moved to Australia 5 years ago. I like it here heaps. I concur that Melbourne is excellent and the most like Portland. Newtown in Sydney is like the Hawthorne District. I live in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, which is like Hood River. New Zealand is pretty great and super cheap–if you come all the way out here you may as well hit NZ too. Anyway, if you come to Sydney at all please let me know by email. Cheers.

  16. Shelby Jacobson

    Yo, Ryan!!

    As much as I have read your blog, and your FAQ, I am aware of you not enjoying tattoo conventions that much..but I have to ask.

    Will you possibly be attending this years Ink N Iron festival in Long Beach, California, or Musink in Orange County, CA?

    I hope by me asking this, you don’t make the decision to not go!

    If you aren’t, I’ll be saving up the $$ to somehow make it up to Portland so you can tattoo me!

    Have fun in Australia (you definitely should go) and keep being a rad duuude, dude!!

    -Shelby Jacobson

  17. Love the full arm with the bird.LOVE_IT!!!!
    Any chance you see yourself in Europe in the following months???The mediterranean sea is awesome…just sayin’…

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