cold and quiet, old and candle-lit. the days are short, the rains unrelenting. i’ll just stay at home.

i got a new camera(thanks for the recommendations everyone), but haven’t had the chance to really use it yet, as i just got it a few days ago. so next post should have some decent pictures. maybe.


austin in a few weeks, and (with luck) i may be traveling to new zealand and australia in early march.

keep yo eyes peeled!


  1. Guess that means no Florida..

    1. Australia, that is awesome news. I know it wont be my city cause noone comes here but in the country is closer than the other side of the world.

  2. I’m always been appalled at how cavalier my friends are about tattoos, and how carelessly they choose an artist to indelibly decorate their bodies! Yours is the only work I’ve seen that I would gladly put on my skin. You’re very, very talented!!! I’d fly out from New York for sure.

  3. Your tattoos are so beautiful!

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