it’s november. i’m hibernating.

it’s cold, it’s rainy, greg oden’s knees have disintegrated (again), and a melancholy grey has taken over most of the things that i normally like to post about. so nothing interesting here today, guys. sorry i’m not motivated to write about life lately, but the good news is that motivation has transferred to other bloggable media that you are probably only here to look at anyway.

more tattoos like this please. and apparently, as this photo reveals, my camera has turned into a turd. i’m thinking about maybe getting a nice-ish one. anybody have any suggestions?

dylan’s arm is done, 11 months later:

sigh. we were so young back then.



also, i’m going to austin, tx from january 7-9 for the star of texas convention, doin tats and gettin fats. email me for stuff.

and then, if all works out, i might go to harry potter world in florida. maybe. you are jealous.


  1. Awesome pictures, as always! Well, awesome tattoos- I see what you mean about your camera. The camera I use is a Nikon L100, and it’s seriously awesome, I’d recommend that ;)

  2. Kristen Lambert

    I am jealous about Harry Potter World. Good luck finding vegan butter-beer there though.

  3. I’d suggest the Canon PowerShot S95. It’s got a good lens and takes fantastic pictures—and does a good job in low light situations. Also, it does HD video. It’s technically a point-and-shoot, so it does well if you don’t know how to set the settings on your own, but it does allow for it if you ever learn. It retails for around $400. If you want something nicer, start looking at SLRs.

  4. Oh you are tempting me Ryan…chatted via email a few months ago about an octo tattoo…and I am loving this new one…especially the elephant one. Maybe I should take a trip down yonder and we can chat in person…it’s going to be a beaut…on the torso…what say you?

  5. Maybe you should take your nephew to Harry Potter world… maybe he would get in for free cause he looks so much like him!

  6. Goddamn son! Your stuff keeps getting better. Love the pachyderm tentacle piece.

  7. I will admit that the Harry Potter ride was pretty fun. I imagine it would have been far more fun if 1. I actually knew any of the story behind it, 2. I wasn’t annoyed by all the wizarding little geeks who did know the story and were legitimately freaking out, and 3. I wasn’t bitter at the wizarding world for raising the prices to Islands of Adventure.

    You would probably really like it.

  8. i’ve had a canon digital rebel since 2003, upgraded last year to the new one, worth every penny. makes it kind of look like i know what i’m doing.

  9. Nikon D80 – now the D90. Great camera. Also that elephant-octopus is crazy – amazing!

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