hallowed ground


i came back to portland a few weeks ago with all this determination and intent to really buckle down and work hard and kick ass, and here i am three weeks later, mostly unmotivated to do anything besides play/watch/read about basketball, or hang out with dogs. there must be something in the rain.

i know i’ve mostly been neglecting the blogging thing, but to be fair i’ve been busy with legit shit. and besides, everyone knows that blogging frequency is inversely proportionate to the amount of fun one’s having. more fun, less blog. so i’m going to take it as a good sign and try to recap:


PUMPKIN PICKIN FUCK YEAH. i found a sacreligious one.

BLAZERS OPENING NIGHT. i met blaze the trail cat, which is another huge life goal checked off the list. i wish i had his life.

i am so pumped for the next 8 months.


dustin’s arm is done. better pictures in a month or two, hopefully.

stacey ran a marathon two days before getting this ghost owl. way tough.

more tattoos like this please.

i’ve grown pretty sick of the “dogs in frames” requests, but this was done way back in spring and i think it looks nice. by the way, the new rule with dog tattoos is that i don’t want to do them unless i’ve hung out with the pup. it’s the only way it stays interesting for me.

these two, the mermaid hand and wolf lady were done at the portland tattoo convention, which i kind of hated. it was good to meet and see the good folks around the show, and there were some fun tats but that was the only part i liked.  note to all convention promoters: YOU DO NOT NEED AN “MC” FOR A TATTOO CONVENTION. there was a guy on stage yammering incessantly the WHOLE STUPID WEEKEND, and it made me want to have my ear drums blown off. seriously, there are tattooers trying to work and concentrate at these things, and i’ve heard these tattoos tend to last kind of a while. maybe, just maybe you should consider the possibility that no one anywhere in the entire building wants to hear some washed-up asshole with a microphone spout off about the tattoos on his own body, how he used to be in a band, and mindlessly converse with himself while people are trying to concentrate on their work and have conversations of their own and maybe NOT FUCK UP THE GODDAMN TATTOOS THEY ARE DOING. during that hand tattoo i seriously had to stop, close my eyes and invoke an inner zen to get the dumb thing finished. i can handle distraction while i’m working, but this shit was insane. i want my weekend back.

but hey, you know. other than that it was like, a totally normal unexceptional tattoo convention like every other one in the world that isn’t in london or milan. go portland.

i hope someone knows who this is a portrait of, so i can tell if i did a good job or not.

also, halloween’s coming, ya’ll. i’ll be doing $31 tattoos all day at scapegoat with the rest of the crew and some friends. we’ll have little stuff drawn up you can choose from, just little fun ones. get there early, shit was wild last year. what are you gonna be for halloween?

it’s nice out, i’m gonna go play outside.


  1. Elisabeth

    Tom Waits?

  2. I had a good laugh at your comments there on the guy chatting his face off on stage at the convention. Very true and very much so annoying. His tattoos did not seem all that great to me and was not sure exactly why he wanted to share all of them with the audience. Silly.

  3. Hey Ryan!
    Terry and I are still trying to figure out a holiday to oregon – brilliant work, keep up the blogging! :-)

  4. Andrea W.

    Well, I’d guess Tom Waits, but as it’s mine, that’s cheating. XD

    It has the approval of people on the Waits fan forums…they said “FUCKIN AY HOW DID THE ARTIST DO THAT?!” so I said you rocked it. Can’t wait to get it done. :D

  5. Isabelle

    Damn your tiger tattos are amazing!! I still worship mine :D haha!

    /The girl with the tiger tatto

  6. We must have had the same MC at the Austin tattoo convention – a round mister who thought he was rather funny, from New Jersey, not actually funny.

  7. Andrea W.

    Okay, just letting you know, Ryan. I went out in downtown Portland without long sleeves for the first time, and no less than three people came up to say how amazing the Waits tattoo is. I have NEVER had people grab my arm as I go by and say, “wait! I have to know; where’d you get your tattoo?” (Let alone three times in as many hours.) So therefore…you rocked it for sure.

  8. A young Tom Waits, of course. My second though was “…with a hint of Isaac Brock, perhaps”! Love your work, and I hope to be your canvas one day.

  9. just found this via Stumbleupon, and that is incredible.
    not just a good job, the kind of good that sobers up a drunken englishman to a point that he makes no spelling errors.

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