on the road

just so ya’ll know, i’m out of town for the next few weeks and will not really have any internetz, so your emails and such will receive even-shittier replies with even-longer wait times for a while. i’ll be back in october, goddamnit!

also, for you portlanders, my shop cohort brian t wilson is also out of town, so scapegoat will be closed on mondays until i return. so i apologize in advance if you turn into garfield.

i’m currently in new york, kicking so much ass and gaining like 30 pounds from all this food. oof

One Comment

  1. Hi Ryan,
    I stopped in the shop the other day to inquire about starting a 3/4 sleeve from you and obviously you are out of town. The guy there said to email you but I forgot to ask where I could find you email…long story short-How can I contact you or would you rather I wait until your back in town. Thanks so much.

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