cygnus, the swan

my camera mysteriously erased/consumed/sold three weeks worth of quality tattoo photos, so today you guys are stuck with the usual underwater retardedness, shitty in-progesses, and bad pictures of my dog doing mundane things that only i would find endearing/interesting enough to post. but you should all be used to this by now, guys. at this point, it’s your own fault.


olive’s life has changed a little, as we both have a wiggly, jumpy, bitey new roommate:

her name is billie and she LOVES us. mostly with her teeth.



i learned my summer constellations, thanks to the boy scout handbook. hercules is a big fuckin bow tie.


we had to traipse through thick oregon junglebrush to discover this rope swing. WORTH IT



(this one was taken at an urban outfitters. you can tell by the stylish shirt in the background. ha!)

in 10 days i will be in new york, eatn all ur foodz

in a fortnight i will be in london, tattn up ur skinz

in a month i will be in iceland, peepn on ur aurora borealis


  1. Moo Sweater

    You needed a handbook…I have my own Eagle Scout :~P I love you and miss you and it’s my shower I can pee where I want! Have fun galavanting! maybe our paths will cross someday :)

  2. I really appreciated your comment on my last post. Thank you.

    That rope swing looks amazing and I love the video of it. You make me upset that I was just in Portland in April and didn’t get to have any fun outside. I mean, it’s a beautiful city and I had fun exploring it, but I’d love the chance to play in the Pacific Northwest nature. Other than one short hike back in college, I never have.

    Oh, and want to know something weird. When I first adopted Digby (the dachshund) and his sister (who I sadly no longer have), his name was Reeses and hers was Olive. I guess that’s not really weird now that I’m thinking about it, but oh well.

  3. best. video. ever.

  4. I saw that horse tattoo in person the other day and it was soooo badass that I find out who was behind it. Lo and behold…I’ll be coming to visit you one day soon.

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