swim lounge

i don’t know if you’ve noticed, but i much prefer water adventures to tattooing. actually, i’d say i prefer them to damn near anything.




i also much prefer getting stupid tattoos from my best friends who have no idea what they’re doing, than getting “good” ones from real tattooers.

but it’s not all fun and games over here, try as i might. i still have go to work once in a while.

but i don’t mind. shit has been fun lately.

man, this summer is so awesome.

BTW, i’ll be doing a short little thing in new york enroute to london next month…. i’ll be tattooing at daredevil from sept 17th-21st. email me  if you wanna set some stuff up! also, at this point it’s probably safe to say my time in london has been all booked up. thanks for your interest, everyone.

oh, AND i’ll be hanging out in ICELAND for a few days in october. somebody should come with me or tell me cool stuff to do besides sitting in the hot lake, because i am totally clueless otherwise.


  1. I feel it is imperative to mention that I adore you.

  2. ughz. I would totally go to Iceland with anyone at any given time!

  3. im planning a trip to iceland in march, if youre staying in reykjavik… well this is what i have planned while im there.

    DAY 1
    explore reykjavik
    perlan (water towers)
    hall grimskirkja (church)
    austurvollur (old town)
    tjornin (fountain)
    suncraft (sculpture)

    DAY 2
    blue lagoon

    DAY 3
    golden circle
    thingvellir (mid atlantic ridge/waterfall)
    gullfoss (waterfall)
    kerid (volcanic lake)

  4. I wish I could come with you!
    I was actually supposed to go to Iceland in November but now I can’t afford it..stupid debts! arrrrrgg

    Anyhow, hope you have fun and try to pick up some of the language, the accent is incredibly hard to master but it’s a beautiful language.

    Also it has been rumored that not one person in Iceland is unattractive..I’d like some feed back on that if at all possible haha.

  5. I just realized I should have said physically unattractive..but still feed back on that would be great!

  6. Come to Florida. I will take you on water adventures the likes of which you’ve never seen.

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