i have to admit, i’m a little relieved the nba finals are over.

i just realized that i never publicly professed any allegiance to any team left in the playoffs after the blazers went out, so perhaps some of you who don’t know me very well were left guessing as to who i might be rooting for. even still, it should be obvious that i was pulling for the boston celtics. as a fan of the game, and as a normal human without the blessing of insane, one-in-a-million talent, it’s natural for someone like me to pull for the basketball team that performs as a whole much greater than the sum of its parts…. ie. the team who succeeds more through its solidarity, hard work and savvy than through star power and riding top-level talent. the celtics outplayed their opponents as a fluid unit that relied as much on the skills of their weakest links as their strongest, and fought their way to finals on the shaky knees of aging veterans who were years removed from having any advantage in athleticism over their adversaries. they had to win with smarts, or else they wouldn’t.  as an average joe, how can you not identify with that? work together, you will succeed. don’t, and you won’t. this is classic stuff.

but, ultimately the strategy unraveled and my boys lost in 7 hard-fought games to the lakers. it’s a sad ending, for sure, but let’s be clear here: nobody in their right mind had any expectation of the celtics making it that far to begin with, and in all reality were only a possession or two away from the promised land, even as they were greatly overmatched by an absolutely stacked lakers team. the lakers were supposed to win this whole thing from the beginning, so i won’t be fraught with disappointment for any amount of time after this loss. we made them earn it, and to be fair, they did. i still think the celtics deserved it more, for being able to pull together what they did in such an inspiring way, but hey… you can’t win ’em all. the celtic’s 2010 journey is truly a metaphor for life, even as they pass on.

heavy stuff here, guys.

but i still hate you if you’re a lakers fan. you guys are dicks.


i guess now that the season’s over i might be a little more productive with my time instead of spending all my time reading about basketball. maybe.


get in touch for appointments and such, you canadians!


  1. Super news that you will be in Victoria this summer! I hope to be one of the lucky ones to have an appointment. Will be in touch.

    Oh yeah, and thanks for the great blog. Your work is fantastic.

  2. go boston!
    too bad how it turned out. we all kinda knew what was coming anyway. cant wait to see who signs where and watch them battle it out again next season.
    your tattoos are amazing. cant wait to have a turn in the chair with you one day. among other things I want you to tattoo the NBA logo on my leg. pretty please.

    take care


  3. Did you still want to come to Australia sometime? I know a couple of great shops in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney that would be fun to do some guest spots at! ;)

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