the blob

hey you guys! you guys! check this out!

i recently did an interview with the aptly-named blog, which i guess means it’s posted on for some reason….? i don’t really get the connection there, but this interview was fun and you might like to read it. it would probably be an understatement to say my responses were candid…  reading it now (and reviewing my choice for “personal picture”), i think i must have been trying to convince the world that i am some kind of insane person.  anyway, here it is.

in other news, eckel, a reeeeaally good tattooer based out of copenhagen, has been working at our shop for the past few days and making all of us look bad. i had a convenient cancellation on his first day here so i took the opportunity to get tattooed by him, and now my leg hurts.

it’s a tribute to a pet mouse i had when i was younger, named gilbert. i would bring him to school with me in the front pocket of my shirt and he’d just hang out in there, and i’d let him out to scamper around and stress out all my teachers and try to impress girls with my mouse-whispering. it never worked. being the weird kid with the mouse does nothing to help your stock, and is probably one of many reasons i never had a girlfriend in high school. but he was real cute.

i guess i’ve been going to work, too.

i really want tacos for dinner.

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