if it interests anyone, i have a six-page feature and interview published in the latest issue of tattoo life (no. 63). look, my name is even on the cover and everything. i bet my mom is so proud.

it’s actually a pretty good read, so maybe you’d like to go to your local oversized bookstore containing a crappy coffeeshop and read it. perhaps even purchase a copy. as an added bonus, there is a funny picture of me elsewhere in the magazine, completely unrelated to my own article…. so if you want to have more fun, think of it as like a “where’s waldo?” book and you won’t be so bored.

in other news, i still have job and it’s been a productive week.

yeah. uh, there’s nothing subtle about this so i shouldn’t have to explain it. robbie is a badass and made regular trips from seattle for a year or so to get this thing finished and i’m stoked we got it done. about 25 hours in all. i’m not one to give my tattoos titles, but somewhere along the progression of the tattoo i decided this one should be called “rad cow disease” and i think i’m gonna stick with it.

don’t do drugs. EVER.

more people should get their spirit animals tattooed across their asses. this is one of my new favorites…. healed pictures coming someday.


oh yeah, this is hardly an afterthought, but i started going to sailing school so i can learn wacky knots and cabin-boy vernacular, and eventually retire as a sad, weathered and lonely old seaman, with my only home a shitty run-down sailboat. LIFE GOALZ


  1. Would the wheres “Waldo” be the tattoo convention in Barcelona on pg. 45 by Cory Kruger?

    1. well, that is my arm pictured, but that’s not the picture i’m talkin about. still, good eye.

  2. I totally agree with the ‘more people should get their spirit animal tattooed across their asses’. The thing is : how to determine our spirit animal. Imagine you get the wrong one tattooed across your ass? That would be annoying.

  3. OK after way too much analysis(bored in the south) I have narrowed the “Wheres Waldo” options down the to vince neill look a like on page 8 or the transient on the curb on page 41 :-)

  4. Shannon K

    Congratulations on the magazine article Ryan! I will go to my huge ass Chapters store and see if I can find a copy. Fabulous work too by the way. Hope your week is going well.

    Shannon (the crazy Canadian girl)

  5. jessicaaah

    boring question, sorry.

    have you, squire, any plans to come to australia in the next 12 months or so? or does one need to start saving? hoping for an affirmative for the former!

    happy everything, in the world,


  6. Hollie Kate Moore

    I bought this issue. Great interview. I really hope you make to England again soon so I can get tattooed!!

  7. Alexandra

    you are soooo goooooooooood!
    anyway you can come to canada, toronto??

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