jake the alligator man

okay okay okay lots of stuff happening not enough time for any of it.

firstlymost, olive and i spent a weekend in long beach, washington with some good friends.

secondlymost, here is some crap i’ve been tattooing on people lately:

third,  I FINALLY HAVE SHIRTS AGAIN. this is what they look like in case you forgot/ never knew:

they are $20, and you should email me or come in to scapegoat if you want one. you could also just go to the reno tattoo convention this coming weekend, as i will have them there for sale. details on the convention can be found at http://www.tattoopgh.com/ladyluck.html.

i do have some availability for tattoos there also, so email me if you want to set up an appointment.

aaaaaaand there’s more, as always, but it will have to come another day. i am actually preferring to ignore the internet in favor of having, you know, a real life. so if if posts here seem short and far between, that’s because i have less to complain about. it’s a good thing.


  1. awww i wish you could bring Olive with you on your travels to the UK. she’s gorgeous. xx

  2. Hey Ryan,

    Just thought I’d send a quick hello and my honest admiration for your art. Saw your work on Sunday in Reno, wished desperately that my bank account would let me accost you for the hours required to secure at least a sleeve or full side-piece. I have looked at a lot of tattoos and your work is some of the cleanest and most beautiful I’ve seen yet. I will be following you with interest (um, that sounds vaguely stalker-ish. Heh.) and when I am finally either desperate enough not to care or honestly not quite so broke, will most definitly be visiting for some new work. Blessings!

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