so, i kinda think good clean pictures of finished tattoos are a bit of a let down. on one hand, it’s nice to see it as a complete piece, healed, without the blood and swelling and assorted shittiness usually accompanying tattoos. it’s like, art, man.

BUT, blood and swelling and shittiness and time and pain are all part of the tattoo process, and i think its misleading to only have photos taken upon completion. the final product is nice, but what did it take to get there? i find that a much more exciting subject to explore. so, get used to these super shitty polaroids getting posted all the time, because they are probably the only accurate representation of my actual work days. if you want to see more, there’s lots…. click on “the daily grind” over there on the right. if you don’t, then find something better to do.  i suggest

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  1. honestly diggin’ the polaroid business. i love that last one, beautiful.

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