okay, everyone. yes, things look a little different now, huh?

i’ve decided to forego my other website in favor of just having this blog serve as my professional website. remember when i came back from europe and said that things were going to change a bit? this is what i was talking about. all the same info is still here, i just reorganized it and combined it with some more personal interests. it’s still fresh for now and i’m sure i’ll be making changes to the format at some point, but for now, feel free to look around! be advised, that my old email is no longer active, and now the best way to reach me is i’ve been using that address much more anyway.

in other news, i’m getting tattooed today, i’m going snow tubing tomorrow, and then after a normal work week i’m going to work the jet city convention in northern WA (seattle-ish) next weekend with mr. brian wilson. exciting days, people!

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  1. Great site! I love tattoos and have a few myself.

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