i’ve got three new prints in! really happy with the quality of these… click for purchase info. they are also available at scapegoat, and i should have some on hand for SLC in a few weeks.

winter update!

maybe someday i’ll update this more often than once a year. but looking at my track record, i think that might be wishful thinking. ANYWAY, some announcements: i made HOODIES! i’ve been meaning to get hoodies made for years, and i could not be happier with these. super soft and comfy, and just in time for the really cold stuff. they are available here or at scapegoat. $55 ALSO, CONVENTIONS! i’ll be in austin, TX in january(30-1) and salt like city, UT in february(21-23). contact me if you’d like to get tattooed! i plan to have a bunch of one-off…


i got new prints! available on the “store” page… very happy with the quality of these. click the images for more info!   i’ll be sure have a few of these on-hand at the SLC convention next weekend, which i am now taking appointments for. get in touch if you wanna book something! i also updated the photo galleries with some new more recent stuff. :) thanks y’all! r

news and new stuff!

hey y’all. it’s been a while, but this is the first time in a while i’ve had stuff worth updating on a blog and not just instagram. 1. i have prints of this painting for sale in the “store” section now. go buy one! you’ll have it just in time for xmas. 2. i also have these crewneck sweatshirts available in the store… they are super soft and expertly printed. check em out! 3. i will be attending two conventions in the coming months: the star of texas convention in austin january 18-20, and the salt lake city convention february…

finally some news!

hey everyone! finally a real update! i got some new scapegoat shirts printed, so come and get’em. check out the new “store” section for ordering/details.   ALSO, i’m happy to announce that i will be working at this year’s Lady Luck Tattoo Arts & History Expo in Reno, NV at the end of this month(march 31-april 2), along with everyone else here at scapegoat. come say hi, get tattooed, get some shirts! more info on the “travel” page.   thanks! r    


hi everyone, wow. you still here? well, it’s been a long time coming, but i finally got around to updating the more outdated stuff here. much has changed since i last regularly made use of this site, and instagram has made redundant most of the stuff i posted here. but at long last, there’s a proper tattoo gallery and revamped info/contact page. eventually i’ll include pages for merch, art, and project wishlists, but that will come in time. i’ll probably never use the blog part here as much as i once did, but for prosperity’s sake i figured i’d leave…


i lost my best friend yesterday. my house feels weird and deafeningly quiet. i’ve gotten so used to every little sound she made. climbing down from the bed, shaking off, and puttering about the house every morning, waiting patiently for me to wake up. so many things i’ve gotten used to. so many things i couldn’t have noticed until now. i adopted olive from the humane society in february 2008. i was 24, she was a 9 months old. to this day, i stay amazed and unbelievably thankful for whatever circumstances allowed her to be watching as i walked in…